POSEIDON Maritime Academy (PMA), Istanbul / Turkey. An Approved by Maritime Cook Islands, The Liberian Registry, The Barbados Maritime Ship Registry, The Marshall Islands Ship Registry & The Vanuatu Maritime Ship Registry.

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POSEIDON Maritime Academy

A premier initiative by POSEIDON MARITIME ACADEMY for the advancement of the maritime industry, POSEIDON Maritime Academy provides world-class maritime education and training for the next generation of maritime industry leaders in the TURKEY and WORLD WIDE region.

Our academy is dedicated to cultivating talent, be it local or international, for a variety of activities within the maritime sector. Using leading-edge curricula, global educational partnerships and state-of-the-art infrastructure, our students are prepared for success. The academy’s thorough education and hands-on training yield generations of professionals qualified to pursue their careers of choice.

THE POSEIDON MARITIME ACADEMY is a maritime training center that aims for excellence in providing quality and affordable maritime training solutions to all seafarers. Equipping them with the current and never ending changes in terms of knowledge, understanding and skills to become competent in their field. PMA is always aiming high for its costumers’ satisfaction.